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WORX Guide to Choosing and Using Robot Lawn Mowers

A stunning lawn doesn’t mean sacrificing your weekends to mow or spending thousands of dollars each year on lawn care. Robotic lawn mowers offer a convenient, quiet, and safe solution for regular lawn maintenance, letting you spend more time doing what you love. If you want a beautiful lawn with less effort, noise, pollution, and expense, then a robotic lawn mower could be the perfect choice for you.

So, what is a Robot Lawn Mower?

This may seem obvious to many, but Robot Lawn Mowers are still considered relatively new in Australia. 

Many Aussies only consider tending to their turf when it becomes overgrown and unsightly, and the judgey looks from neighbours become unbearable. Therefore, it is sometimes assumed that a robot lawn mower is designed to plough through thick, calf length lawn every other month whilst defining the edges with professional precision. The robots are good, but not that good!

Residential robotic lawn mowers, including the high-end models, are designed to maintain lawns by frequently trimming small amounts of grass rather than cutting through thick, overgrown grass. It is the robot’s job to ensure your lawn does not become overgrown, but a pre-installation mow helps the robot mower navigate the lawn and operate efficiently.

How Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

Robot lawn mowers use smart technology, spatial sensors, and remote-control features to automate grass cutting. Powered by clean, rechargeable batteries, they use navigation software to mow your lawn efficiently on a set schedule, returning to their charging dock when finished. These mowers make efficient use of electricity by clipping a small amount of grass several times a week. For larger lawns, they may need to recharge mid-cycle, resuming right where they left off to complete the task.

The vast majority of robot lawn mowers, like the Classic Landroid, require the installation of a boundary or perimeter wire to surround and define the mowing zones. However, the latest innovation in robotic lawn mowers removes the need for boundary wire installation. WORX Landroid Vision uses HD cameras and market leading AI tech to see your lawn and mow accordingly. WORX Landroid robot mowers are particularly agile and operate using unique mowing patterns and AIA technology to reduce grass wear.

Customise Your Lawn Care

For optimal results, use the WORX Landroid mobile app to customise your mowing schedule. The app can calculate your lawn size, set up custom schedules, manage multiple zones, and check the mower’s status remotely. The mower can also be programmed via its onboard LCD/LED screen. Landroid mowers are weather-resistant and have rain sensors to avoid mowing in the rain, returning to their charging dock when precipitation starts. Optional accessories like the Landroid Garage provide additional protection from harsh weather.

Choosing the Right Robotic Lawn Mower

When selecting a robotic lawn mower, consider your lawn size and slope. The size of your lawn, not your entire property, will determine the appropriate mower.

Small – Medium Lawns: For gardens up to 1000 m², WORX Australia currently offers 3 Robot Lawn Mower options.

Lawns up to 600m2: The WR206E Landroid Vision is an innovative robotic lawn mower that utilises advanced AI and neural learning technology for optimal lawn care. This model eliminates the need for boundary wires or beacon installation, making setup simple and straightforward. Designed for lawns up to 600m², the WR206E offers efficient, precise mowing and incorporates the premium features of Europe’s best-selling Landroid models.

Lawns up to 700m2: The WR149E Landroid is a classic robot lawn mower that features smart auto-scheduling and intelligent navigation to patrol and clip lawns up to 700m2. This classic robot lawn model receives regular Over-the-Air software updates, meaning your mower will always benefit from the latest learnings and improvements from around the globe. 

Lawns up to 1000m2: If you have a bit more lawn to cover, the WR140E Landroid is sure to suit. A Classic Landroid model, the WR140E also features smart auto-scheduling, intelligent navigation and regular software updates. 


Large Lawns: For gardens up to 1500 m², WORX Australia currently offers 2 Landroid robot lawn mower options.

Lawns up to 1300m2: The WR213E Landroid Vision offers a seamless and hassle-free lawn maintenance experience, combining the best features of Europe’s best-selling Landroid models into a state-of-the-art device. Landroid Vision uses advanced AI and neural learning technology to deliver precise and intelligent mowing without the need for boundary wires or beacons. 

Lawns up to 1500m2: WR150E Classic Landroid services and maintains lawns up to 1500m2. A with all Landroid models, the WR150E Classic model is feature rich and built to last. All WORX Australia Landroid Robot Lawn Mowers are powered by and come equipped with a WORX Australia POWERSHARE Battery. 

Advanced Features

Robotic mowers come with a variety of features to suit your needs. Basic features include programmed schedules, obstacle avoidance, boundary adherence, automatic recharging, and safety shutoffs. Advanced features like mobile app control, WiFi communication, multiple zone programming, rain sensors, and GPS improve efficiency, accuracy, and security. The WORX Landroid series offers options from basic models with superior features to fully customised versions for more specific needs.

Is a Robot Lawn Mower Worth It?

If you’re used to traditional petrol-powered mowers, robotic mowers might seem too good to be true. However, these efficient machines maintain your lawn perfectly, without supervision or emissions. They run quietly, day or night, saving you time and effort. Investing in a robotic mower could be the best decision you make for your lawn and the environment.

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