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Pole Saws

The WORX Pole Saw range (either Hedge trimmer or Chainsaw) reaches new heights in cutting performance! The WORX WG252E.9 Pole Hedge Trimmer has been designed with an extendable shaft, reaching of up to 2.8 meters, saving The hassle and instability of using a ladder. Complete with 45cm diamond ground blades ensuring clean cutting through large branches with 16mm blade gap.
Designed with a fully adjustable cutting head and rotating rear handle provides versatile trimming and improves control from the ground. The WORX WG349E.9 Pole Chainsaw has been designed with an extendable shaft, reaching of up to 4.0 metres saving the hassle and instability of using a ladder.
Designed with a fully adjustable cutting head and rotating rear handle provides versatile trimming and pruning of those hard to reach branches whilst also improving control from the ground. The WG349E.9 Pole Chainsaw has also been designed with WORX patented technology for auto tensioning, ensuring optimum chain tension at all times.

Pole Saws

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Discover The Range Of Pole Saws Online At WORX

WORX has a range of sturdy and functional pole saws for you to use at home or on the job. You can trim tall hedges or reach high branches without the need for a ladder, making your gardening life so much safer.

You can choose from a pole chainsaw for getting those branches way up in the tree, or the pole hedge trimmer. Perfect if you’re trimming a hedge maze. You’ll find more cool tools here at WORX. Browse our power tools collection and order online today.


A Pole Saw Is Perfect For Those Hard To Reach Branches & Trees

The great thing about gardens is that they grow. The plants reach into the skies and keep growing. The problem is, if they get too tall, how do you trim them and prune them? Balancing on a ladder with small tools can be pretty precarious.

Lucky for you, WORX has a range of pole saws and pole trimmers, so you can reach those high branches without having to balance one-footed on a ladder. That’s just asking for trouble.

Try our range of battery-powered tools, such as the 20V pole hedge trimmer. While you can trim those hedges that have grown beyond your reach as a screen, you can also trim shrubs that have graduated into trees. Also handy for reaching those high-hanging fruits.

Our pole chainsaws are ideal for pruning those larger trees and bringing more light into your garden. Just watch your head for falling branches.

A battery pole saw is a garden tool that combines a chainsaw and an extendable pole. It is designed for trimming the branches of trees without the need for a ladder. You can trim higher branches more safely. Our cordless pole saws run on rechargeable batteries. No cords getting in the way, and no need to always buy petrol.

A pole saw is used to prune trees that have grown out of control which you’d have difficulty pruning with the use of a ladder. Or, if you only have a few branches to cut, and using a ladder would be inconvenient and time-consuming.

While both tools use the same principle of cutting with a chain, the distinction is with the pole, in the pole saw. It is essentially a small chainsaw at the end of a pole.

A chain saw is traditionally handheld, with numerous small cutting blades rotating on a fast moving chain. They’re also often larger than a pole saw, and used for cutting larger trees and branches.

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