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Jigsaw Tools

For precision working WORX jigsaws are robust, powerful and precise and impress with their excellent handling. The WORX WX550.9 AXIS Multipurpose Saw is two saws in one, shifting from a versatile Reciprocating Saw to precise Jigsaw in seconds.

Compact, lightweight and cordless, this saw is ideal for a multitude of indoor and outdoor jobs around the house and garden, cutting a variety of materials like wood, PVC, metal, ceramic tiles, plastic, and even tree limbs. Designed to work efficiently in tight spaces, the WORX WX550.9 AXIS saw accepts all standard jigsaw blades via a tool less clamp.

The WX550.9 Axis saw is also designed with a dust blower function that removes debris and dust, which along with the LED light, allows greater visibility whilst cutting.

A jigsaw uses a reciprocating blade, moving up and down at incredible speeds, to cut shapes, curves and suchlike precisely. Used mostly with wood, a jigsaw can also be used to cut metals, plastics and PVC piping on occasion.  Jigsaws are good for cutting curves and cutting intricate designs.

  • Choose the right blade and secure it firmly to your jigsaw, according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Mark your cutting line with a pencil.
  • Align the blade with the cutting line and hold the jigsaw firmly with both hands.
  • Turn the jigsaw on, wait until it has reached full speed, and then cut slowly along your marked line.
  • Let the blade do the cutting. Don’t exert too much force else you may damage the blade.
  • Once you’ve cut, turn the jigsaw off and wait for the blade to come to a complete stop before disengaging from the cut.

A jigsaw allows you a great amount of precision when making cuts, and you are able to cut wood, plastic, and metals, too, if you have the right blade. This can open a world of creative possibilities. The portability means you can take it with you wherever you need to build, renovate, or be creative. With our battery-powered WORX 20V brushless jigsaw kit, you can share the battery with other tools, allowing you to do a whole lot of work together.

Yes, we can ship Jigsaws Autralia-wide, through AusPost, StarTrack TNT or Mail Plus. View our shipping policy page to find out more.