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Introducing WORXs most compact, innovative and versatile cleaning tool – the Red Dot award winning WX030.9 Cube Vacuum Cleaner

A powerful-for-its-size portable vacuum that you don’t have to plug-in. It’s a clean person’s dream. You can take it anywhere, making it the perfect car or office vacuum. (When is the last time you vacuumed your office chair?) And with the crevice nozzle and brush attachments, you can dive in-between those couch cushions, and clean every last crumb out of your kitchen, too.

It provides 10Kpa (Kilopascal) of suction. For reference, that’s about half the power of a standard upright vacuum. But the 20V Portable Vacuum from WORX is about 1/6th the size of one of those uprights, so it’s got plenty of power for its size.

Besides, it’s not meant for regular vacuuming tasks, anyway. You’re never going to bring your full-size out to the car or into the office. That’s what this portable vacuum is for. And like your full-size, it’s only meant for dry debris. That makes it easy to empty and clean.

It lasts up to 15 minutes on a single charge, which is a lot when you’re only doing spot cleaning and shorter chores. And its washable HEPA filter cleans the air as you vacuum, instead of kicking the debris back outside.

Do it all
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Do it all with WORX Power Share™ the only cordless tool platform that uses the same battery to power 20V and 2*20V tools