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When it comes to leaf blowers, WORX Australia has you covered. With a large selection of cordless blowers, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs. 

At WORX Australia, we know one size doesn’t fit all. Our range of cordless and battery-operated leaf blowers offers a variety of options to fit your lawn needs and budget. Size and weight are important considerations in choosing the right leaf blower. Your next leaf blower should be light enough to handle for extended periods of time, with enough power to get the job done. 

The WORX range of leaf blowers boasts unique technology for superior performance. The new WORX WG543E.9 Leaf Jet is more than just another leaf blower. Its sonic turbine technology provides more power to pack a punch.

With high-volume and high-speed modes, the sonic turbine provides a high air volume and area performance and offers more control over its power and direction, allowing you to blast away even the most stubborn dirt and debris.

The WORX WG543E.9 LEAFJET is also more comfortable to use than conventional leaf blowers, thanks to its compact design and lower motor placement. This gives you greater control over the tool, making it easy to achieve the results you want.

Explore our full range of battery and cordless leaf blowers below, or check out more garden power tools here


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