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Electric & Cordless Sanders

Used to smooth, clean, and polish rough surfaces, a power-sander is a must-have in every handy-person’s home tool collection.  WORX has a range of cordless sander kits to choose from,  perfect for tight spots where manoeuvrability and a compact design are essential.

If you’re wondering how to use an electric sander, the answer is easy. Simply punch holes in the sandpaper using the implement provided, then clip the sandpaper into place. The holes align to the ventilation holes in the sander which collect the sawdust.

Always move the sander in the same direction as the wood grain in a gentle back and forth motion. There’s no need to press down on the sander, as it requires no force from you. You simply guide it along.

Remember to use eye and ear protection and a dust mask to protect your eyesight, hearing, and breathing while using the sander.

When considering your next wood project, you may be wondering: are electric sanders any good? The answer is, yes—and they are definitely worth buying.

Compared to manually sanding something down, you will find there is a world of difference in using an electric sander.

Manually sanding something by hand is very labour intensive—it not only tires you out quickly but takes a long time to do. It is also messier, with the dust quickly gathering on your item, needing to be swept away. By manually sanding something by hand, you also run the risk of inadvertently creating an uneven finish that may ruin your whole project (leaving your materials ready for the scrap heap).

In contrast, electric sanders do not require exertion on your part. In fact, it is best not to press down on them—instead simply guide them. Given that they have a dust collection capability, using an electric sander makes sanding a much cleaner process. And using an electric sander will give your project a professional, smooth, and even finish in a fraction of the time.

WORX has a wide range of sanders appropriate for any sized project. Determine what kind of projects you intend to do to figure out what the best electric sander is for you. Our sanders range from the popular WORX 20V Detail Sander Kit  (suitable for most small projects) to full cutting, sanding and detailing kits. If you are unsure what type of electric sander to buy, contact our friendly team for expert product advice.

For convenience, you can purchase our sanders online. We will deliver them to any location within Australia. Shipping generally takes between 2-10 working days – read more about our shipping policy here.