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Do you have a job to do that requires a lot of driving power? WORX has a range of impact drivers and impact wrenches that will get the job done with minimal effort. Although both offer high torque output, there is a big difference between an impact driver and an impact wrench. WORX can help you choose the best tool for the job.


Shop The Range Of Cordless Impact Drivers & Wrenches

Impact drivers are much more efficient at driving screws than standard drills. The high torque equates to much better turning power so there is less strain on your wrist. 

The WX261.9 Brushless 3 speed Impact Driver has been designed for powerful driving jobs like repetitive screw driving or for long screws or bolts. However, it is also extremely lightweight, compact, and can access tight spaces.

In contrast to impact drivers, impact wrenches are used to tighten and loosen bolts. They are commonly used in the automotive industry to change tyres, and for other uses in the construction industry where a greater force is required.

Our WX279.9 Brushless 3 Speed 300Nm Impact Wrench is perfect for working on cars and driving lug bolts. An added advantage is the on-board LED light which allows you to work under low light conditions.

What’s more, the brushless motor technology of both these WORX models delivers 50% longer runtime, 25% more power, and 10 X longer motor life.

Choose from our powerful impact drivers and impact wrenches below, or explore our full range of power tools.

An impact driver is a tool used to drive screws, bolts and other fasteners into solid objects. Similar to a drill driver, instead of a rotating mechanism, an impact driver uses rotational force and concussive blows to achieve its goals.

An impact driver is used for fastening shelves and such things, using screws or bolts. It is especially useful for installing long screws and bolts. The nature of an impact driver and its concussive power means you can easily work on projects, driving long screws in and fastening things, quickly and easily, reducing fatigue over a long day.

  • Choose the right screw or fastener for your project.
  • Insert this into the chuck of your impact driver and make sure it is secure.
  • Adjust the 3-speed driver to the appropriate speed. Too much, and you’ll damage the fastener. Too slow, and it won’t work efficiently.
  • Hold and use the impact driver firmly with two hands.
  • Apply to the location you wish to drive the screw, gently.
  • Squeeze the trigger and allow the impact driver to do the work. Don’t push down or apply force to the impact driver.
  • Continue until the screw is firmly secured.
  • Release the trigger, move to the next spot, and repeat.

Any power tool or garden equipment you buy from WORX can be shipped right to your front door. For more shipping details, check out the Shipping Information Page.