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Do you need a multi-tool like this in your toolkit? Then look no further than WORX for a wide range of cordless angle grinders.

Angle grinders are high-powered hand tools that lend themselves to all kinds of jobs.  Designed to grind metal, they can also be used to cut, polish, sharpen and clean a variety of materials, including iron, copper, brass, brick, tile, stone, and mortar.

Angle Grinders

Shop The Range Of Cordless Angle Grinders Online From WORX Australia

WORX offers a range of angle grinders for all your DIY and home projects. 

Our WORX angle grinders come complete with various cutters and attachments. For light to medium grinding and cutting tasks, the WX812.9 20V Cordless Angle Grinder is a good option. It also has a brushless motor to maximise its efficiency for extended running time. With your safety in mind, it features electronic anti-kickback technology which shuts the tool down when a jam is detected.

If being creative is more your thing, then the 20V MakerX™ Brushless Angle Grinder offers more flexibility when crafting, tinkering, or repairing. Whether you are sanding wood or carving shapes from sheet metal, MakerX is a new system of portable battery-driven precision tools that will get the job done skilfully. This kit comes complete with a 2OV Powershare battery, which is compatible with the WORX range of cordless tools.

Get your hands on one of these super useful multi-tools now, or check out our full range of power tools.

An angle grinder is commonly used for cutting, edging, grinding and polishing jobs. It utilises a spinning wheel to which you can attach an abrasive, or polishing disc. You can grind welds, remove rust, and can even sharpen other tools with the quickly rotating disc.

  • Choose the right disc for the right job to avoid damaging either the tool or the surface you’re grinding.
  • Securely attach the disc according to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Hold the grinder firmly in two hands. If not held securely, angle grinders can easily run away from you, causing damage.
  • Turn the angle grinder on and allow it to reach full speed before beginning.
  • Use slow and deliberate movements while cutting or grinding. 
  • Don’t over-exert pressure on the angel grinder. This can lead to overheating or damaging the disc.
  • Protect yourself from sparks or other debris which may shoot off during the process.
  • Once complete, switch the grinder off and allow it to come to a complete stop before you touch the disc tool.
  • Metal: An angle grinder is commonly used for cutting metal pipes, rods, and sheets, and removing metal welds.
  • Masonry: You can cut through materials like bricks, concrete, and stone with an angle grinder.
  • Tiles: Angle grinders are useful for cutting ceramic or porcelain tiles to specific lengths.
  • Plastics: It can cut through different types of plastics, such as PVC or acrylic.

Always ensure you’re using the right disc for the right job.

WORX can ship all the tools you buy from us, including angle grinders, to your door, Australia-wide. Our Shipping Policy page has all the details you need.