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If you’re in the market for power tools and other work tools, you need not look any further. WORX has a comprehensive collection of high-quality, durable power tools to suit every budget and need. Whether you’re a newbie about to embark on your first DIY home improvement project, or a seasoned professional looking to upgrade your toolkit, WORX has you covered.

Shop the Range of Power Tools Online

Shopping for power tools is easier than ever. With all our products listed on our website, you can check the specifications and compare models and prices from the comfort of home. Shopping with us for power tools online is easy, too. Just select your tools and follow the steps through to checkout and purchase.

We have an extensive range of power tools and power tool parts to stock up your workshop and suit your every need. Some of our best selling products are listed below. Explore our range to find the right power tools for you and your needs.

Drills & Drivers

Almost every project needs the aid of a drill or driver, however the type of drill required depends on a range of factors including its performance, how often you’ll use it, its size, its weight, how many different speeds you’ll need, and possibly the most important; how hard is the surface you’ll be drilling through. Our range caters for every need, be it a small screwdriver for everyday home tasks or the Slammer drill (the Thor of hammer drills) with its ability to drill through reinforced concrete. You’ll be able to find what you’re after at WORX, whether it’s a drill driver, screwdriver, hammer drill or impact driver.

Angle Grinders

The angle grinder you opt for will largely be determined by the thickness and type of material you need to sand down and how much power you’ll need to do it. Once you’ve figured that out, you can consider whether you’d prefer an electric or cordless tool. We also offer kits that offer great value for money and include a battery and charger with the tool.  

Circular Saws

Our range of cordless and electric circular saws will glide easily through surfaces ensuring each cut is clean and precise. WORX circular saws are durable, portable, and convenient making your job easier and saving you time. Available in different sizes as skin only buys or kits, our saws will allow you to cut through wood, thin metal, ceramic, and plastics with ease.

Impact Drivers

To tighten screws, bolts and nuts, check out our range of cordless and electric impact drivers. They’ll have the power you need to get the job done quickly, but are also lightweight enough so as not to cause arm fatigue – you’ll be particularly thankful for this if your project involves repetitive screwdriving. Their compact and lightweight design also makes it easier to access confined spaces.

Oscillating Tools

Oscillating tools, often called multifunctional tools or multis for short, are the most versatile tool in any tool set. Truly an all-rounder, our Sonicrafter can perform almost any role around the house and garden from cutting tiles, skirting boards and pipes, to making plunge cuts, installing switches, and removing grind and grout. There really isn’t much it can’t do. Best of all is that it’s designed with a universal interface allowing you to use any brand of oscillating multi tool accessories with it.  


Create Your Next Project with our DIY Friendly Power Tools

There’s nothing more satisfying than putting your hands to work and embarking on a DIY home or garden improvement project, trust us, we know. We also know that there’s nothing more frustrating than not having the right tools to complete your DIY project the way you’d like. Every project is different and so it makes sense that depending on what you’re making or restoring you’ll require different tools. Don’t let yourself and your project down by trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – it won’t work and you’ll drive yourself crazy! Spend some time to figure out what work tools you’ll need to make your DIY project come to life. Whatever you’ll need, we’ll have it, whether it’s a drill, sander, grinder, or saw. If you’re unsure, or have any questions, just yell out, we’re always happy to help! 


Power Tools Delivered Australia Wide

We deliver our power tools all around Australia via AusPost, StarTrack, TNT, and Mail Plus. Delivery times vary between 2 to 10 working days depending on where in this beautiful country you’re located. For your convenience, all deliveries can be tracked online. Freight charges will vary depending on the type of item ordered but standard delivery costs are outlined in our Shipping Policy. In good news, if you’re ordering multiple products, a delivery discount will be applied to your order at checkout.