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Hedge Trimmers

A neatly trimmed hedge can make your home stand out on the street. Whether you’re looking to take a bit off the top or have a large job ahead of you, WORX Australia has the right tool for the job. 

Our range of WORX cordless hedge trimmers are lightweight yet powerful to help you get the job done quickly and effortlessly, without holding a heavy engine in your arms. This can also help reduce the risk of strains and injuries caused by heavy lifting and maneuvering powerful blades. 

When it comes to hedge trimmers, we know high performance and weight are important. Even our 40V Hedge Trimmer weighs as little as 3.5kg bare.

Our WORX cordless hedge trimmers and pole saws are a lightweight and time-saving alternative to heavy shears and fuel-powered hedge trimmers.

Our range of hedge trimmers and pole saws are agile enough to get into hard-to-reach places. Powered by high-quality 20V batteries, WORX hedge trimmers have the grunt to cut through the brush for the perfect finish. Plus, all WORX batteries are rechargeable and interchangeable across the entire range of WORX cordless Power Garden, Robot Lawn MowerD.I.Y HomeHobby & Lifestyle tools.

With 45cm cutting capacity, our popular WORX WG261E cordless hedge trimmer is designed for dexterity to get into hard-to-reach angles and powerful enough to slice through 16mm twigs with ease. It boasts laser-cut diamond dual cutting blades for precise, effortless hedge care. 

At WORX Australia, your safety is important to us. The WG261E offers a range of safety features, including a two-hand safety switch to avoid accidental starting and an additional handle to reduce fatigue-related injury and give you better control over the tool. 

Explore our full range of hedge trimmers and pole saws below, or check out more garden power tools here. 

The best WORX hedge trimmer, or the most popular, is the WORX WG261E cordless hedge trimmer. The 40 cm cutting blade surface allows you to trim large hedges, and still get into tricky spots.

This hedge trimmer has a two-hand safety switch to prevent accidental starting and a firm grip handle for ease of control and less fatigue on your wrists.

We believe they are, yes. The ease and convenience of working anywhere, without an extension cord, means you can work your fences and hedge, and, if you’d like, trim your neighbour’s garden as well.

The battery pack is interchangeable with our entire range of POWERSHARE tools in the WORX family. This means if you already have some battery packs and chargers, you can buy the ‘skin only’ option, and save yourself some money.

You cannot remove the blades from a hedge trimmer, so sharpening them can be a little tricky. While wearing all the appropriate protective wear, you will need to file each blade individually. Use a flat file, applying away from the cutting edge. File each blade the same number of times.
Use a whetstone afterwards to remove any burrs.

Yes, WORX can ship hedge trimmers to anywhere in Australia. All information about costs, and who we ship with, can be found on our Shipping Policy page.

If you have further questions, call us on 1300 889 028 or email us here -> [email protected]