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Looking for a versatile and reliable grass trimmer and lawn edger? WORX Australia has you covered! When it comes to getting the job done, you need the right tool for the task. Our WORX range offers a wide selection of cordless line trimmers to get your yard looking its best.

Line Trimmers

Discover The Range Of Cordless Line Trimmers & Whipper Snippers

Are you looking for a versatile and reliable grass trimmer? The WORX WG163E.B is ideal for lawns of all sizes. This versatile trimmer easily converts from a line trimmer to an edger or mini-mower in seconds – without needing extra tools. Whether you’re trimming around the edges or need a larger machine for more expansive areas, this trimmer has you covered.

This trimmer features a command feed, so you can simply press a button to advance the line when needed. The adjustable handle and shaft make it easy to find a comfortable position for trimming, while the flower guard and 90-degree pivoting heads give you the versatility to tackle all terrains. 

With the WORX  WG163E, you know you’re getting a versatile and reliable trimmer that can handle whatever you throw at it.

No matter what your line trimming needs are, WORX Australia has you covered. Explore our full range of cordless lawn trimmers below, or check out more garden power tools here. 

Our WORX 40V Linetrimmer is a perfect example of the ease at which you can keep your garden maintained. And it comes with 2 POWERSHARE batteries. 

WORX has a range of line trimmers for you to choose from, some with the added feature of being an edge trimmer. When the grass grows over the path edges, an edge trimmer can neaten the sides of your pathway, quickly and easily. All of our electric line trimmers are a part of the POWERSHARE family. If you have any of our other electric gardening products, you can use the same batteries and share the power!

Line trimmers are used standing up, swept in front of you back and forth. The length is adjustable, so make sure you don’t have it too short so you’re bending over, or too long that you have to bend backwards to get the best result. When held comfortably, the blades should be close to the ground, but not touching it, about the height of the sole of your shoe. Measure this when the line trimmer is off, for safety reasons. Sweep back and forth in front of you to clear the vegetation. Try not to hit solid objects, such as trees or retaining walls, as these will damage the line doing all that trimming.

Line trimming can be used if you have a large property with high grass and weeds, or uneven ground that is not appropriate for a lawnmower. People often have a line trimmer in suburban areas where they don’t feel they have enough grass for a lawnmower.

They are also highly portable. So if you have a job that involves gardening, and you need to be in multiple locations, it’s often easier to carry a line trimmer. Quickly zip the grass and weeds into submission, pack it away and move on.

WORX does ship Australia-wide. If you purchase multiple products in one transaction, a discount on shipping is applied at check out.  For more details on our delivery procedures, read about them here.