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Understanding Robot Lawn Mowers: Misconceptions and Key Points

In an era where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of our lives, it comes as no surprise that our lawns are now benefiting from robotic assistance. However, like any innovation, robot lawn mowers operate optimally when users are well-informed about the nuances of its operation.

Three Things to Understand About Robot Lawn Mowers:

1. Pre-Install Mow: For initial setup, most residential robotic lawn mowers will require a pre-install mow to ensure the grass is at an optimal height for the mower to operate efficiently. This initial cut helps the mower navigate the lawn more efficiently and cut-to-edge.

2. Maintenance Machines: Once installed, robotic mowers maintain the lawn by cutting frequently, usually several times a week. This regular maintenance helps keep the grass at a consistent height and prevents it from becoming too thick or overgrown. The small clippings it removes on the regular generally go unnoticed to the human eye, while your lawn laps up the nutrients from those turf tips. 

3. Slope Limitations: All Robotic Lawn Mowers have slope limitations. The vast majority of residential robots can manage gradients of up to 25% (14.5 degrees).  Classic LANDROID and LANDROID Vision are designed to handle inclines between 30 – 35% (17 – 19.27 degrees). If your lawn has steeper inclines, you may need to address these areas separately.

Popular Misconceptions About Robot Lawn Mowers:

Robot Mowers Are Only for Small Lawns

Reality: Many people believe robot mowers can only handle small areas. However, WORX LANDROID Robot Mowers have been developed and designed to maintain lawns up to 1500m2. There are currently 5 models on offer in Australia to suit your needs with the smallest catering to 600m2.

They Don’t Mow Properly:

Reality: Robotic lawn mowers use various mowing techniques to ensure an even and well-maintained lawn. The effectiveness of these techniques can influence the overall appearance and health of your lawn. For the most even cut, robotic lawn mowers that use systematic navigation or adaptive algorithms are generally the best options. These mowers provide efficient and thorough coverage of the lawn, ensuring that every area is mowed evenly. The WORX Landroid Series is renowned globally for its unique AIA (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) technology to achieve the most consistent and even cut.

Installation Is Too Complicated:

Reality: Annoying? Yes. Complicated? No. At the end of the day, laying a boundary wire around your yard is widely considered an “effort”, but the future benefits outweigh the one-off experience. For those who refuse to even consider wires or beacons, make your sure check out the LANDROID Vision wire-free robot lawn mower.

They Are Expensive to Maintain:

Reality: While there is a higher initial cost for a feature rich, future-proof Robotic Lawn Mower, the ongoing costs are minimal. Like a traditional lawn mower, it is recommended that you replace your mower blades every 3-4 moths to ensure optimum performance. Considering those blades may be mowing every other day, $40 for a years supply isn’t too bad at all.

They Can’t Handle Complex Lawns

Reality: Advances in AI and sensor technology mean that many robot mowers can navigate complex lawns. LANDROID models use AIA (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) technology, which allows for efficient navigation and mowing. While they require boundary wires to define the mowing area, they can still handle complex layouts within those boundaries, including narrow passages and multiple zones.


They Can’t Work in the Rain:

Reality: Robotic lawn mowers can technically operate in the rain (Classic Landroid’s have an IPX4 rating & Landroid Vision’s have IPX5), but it is generally not recommended due inferior grass cutting quality. Wet grass tends to tear rather than cut cleanly, which can lead to a ragged appearance and increased susceptibility to disease. Best to let your robot return to the charging station if the weather becomes too harsh.

Understanding the true capabilities and limitations of robot lawn mowers can help you make an informed decision. By debunking popular misconceptions and knowing the key aspects of how these machines work, you can better appreciate the benefits they offer. 

Whether you choose a traditional LANDROID model with boundary wires or an advanced AI-driven model like the LANDROID Vision, you can enjoy a well-maintained lawn with minimal effort.

Robotic Lawn Mower FAQ

A Landroid measures your lawn area and maps out the best mowing route through GPS and the App. It learns how fast your lawn grows and, through this, when is the best time to mow the lawn to maintain a perfect grass height.

It is also connected to the vast fleet of WORX Landroids, which helps it learn from other mower’s experiences.

The App also lets you monitor your mower, schedule mowing times, or get a report on your lawn’s health.

Yes, a robot lawn mower is worth the investment. It saves you time on lawn maintenance. Our little guys are so quiet, you can mow in the dark during the week and not disturb the neighbours.

No need for petrol, oil changes, or spark plug maintenance. The Landroid does its job and then returns home to recharge itself.

We believe the WORX range of Landroids is the best range of robotic lawn mowers on the market.

Consider your budget and the size of your lawn that needs to be mowed. Then have a chat with a friendly person at Worx to find you the perfect robot lawn mower for you and your home.

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