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Our range of WORX cordless pressure washer cleaners is designed for easy movement and maximum power. They are 10 times more powerful than traditional high-pressure cleaners, making short work of any cleaning job. These lightweight and compact models also reduce the risk of injury from strains caused by repetitive lifting.

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At WORX, we understand that both performance and weight are pressure washer buyers’ top priorities. Our cordless pressure washers weigh a mere 1.8 kilograms yet outperform heavy machinery and fuel-powered models hands down.

The WORX Hydroshot Pressure washer is one of the most powerful on the market, making it easy to clean even the toughest stains. Fitted with 20V batteries, this machine has enough power to cut through any grime for 15 minutes straight. Plus, all WORX batteries are rechargeable and interchangeable across the entire range of WORX cordless garden power tools.

With a max pressure of 25 bar, our popular Hydroshot Pressure Washer is designed for versatility to get into hard-to-reach cavities and is powerful enough to slice through hard stains with ease. It boasts different spray patterns to provide versatility for different cleaning jobs. 

At WORX, your satisfaction is important to us. The Hydroshot offers a range of great features, including a dual watering system in one (power cleaning and watering), and a self-priming function to draw water from any source. A fast connection to any domestic hose tap.

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Pressure cleaning is great for blasting time and age from the sides of your house, the weekend off of your 4WD, or leaves from your driveway. Pick yourself up a WORX NITRO high-flow HYDROSHOT, part of our POWERSHARE family. You can pressure clean so many places, with 56 bar pressure and 220 litres per hour, all with a waterproof battery case. The last thing you want are wet batteries. They are lightweight and easy to handle.

WORX pressure cleaners can be used either by connecting directly to your hose in the backyard, or you can source your water from a bucket, anywhere you are. Being battery-powered is so convenient. If you’re camping, and doing some fishing, you can hose down your boat at night, without the need for a mains power outlet. Just have a bucket of water, point and spray away.

The convenience of a pressure washer is unbelievable. Without one, you need a large amount of below grease and a sponge. With a WORX Pressure Washer, you can clean almost anything, without the need for harmful chemicals or detergents.

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