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7 Unexpected Uses for Your HYDROSHOT™ Pressure Washer

The HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer is an innovative cleaning power tool that provides unlimited mobility, and freedom for many of the smaller jobs that may be an overkill for a high-pressure cleaner. The SUPERPOWER of the 20V HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer, is its ability to fly! I mean, it’s PORTABILITY! You can literally draw water from any fresh source, ANYWHERE!

Not only is the HYDROSHOT™ compact & lightweight, but it’s the ultimate outdoor accessory, fit for adventure! The uses for the HYDROSHOT™ are as plentiful as the list of places you can use them. We have tried hard to narrow down to only a few examples and excluded the obvious ones like cleaning your home exterior, windows, driveways etc. So press on to see about clearing gutters, cleaning outdoor furniture, garden tools and your Barbie, wood decking & fences, dirt bikes, surfboards, and wheelie bins.

1. Maintaining Your Outdoor Tools

Outdoor tools like lawn mowers and chainsaws need to be kept clean for them to work well and preserve their integrity. With the HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer, you can get the deck of your lawn mower as clean as it was the day your first laid eyes on it. You also want to keep your shovel, pruners, hedge clippers, tillers, and other important tools clean after a day of dirty work and the HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer is on standby to help!

Tip: When cleaning powered outdoor garden tools, always check the instruction manual of the product to ensure that water is the best cleaning agent and ensure to turn the power off or remove batteries where relevant before undertaking cleaning.

2. Cleaning Your BBQ

With the warmer weather approaching, we are all hanging out for more Barbie’s, so don’t let the aftermath catch you off guard! We quickly forget that cleaning a BBQ can be a dirty, time-consuming job, but the HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer can remove much of the hassle. It makes quick work of cleaning your barbie or portable camping grill you lent to your mate. Tip:  Remove the gas and protect the electronic starter before using the HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer. Safety first!

3. Restoring Your Chosen Chariot

In case the PORTABILITY factor wasn’t mentioned enough already, the fact that the HYDROSHOT™ IS a Portable Pressure Washer, means that you can use it ANYWHERE! If dirt bikes are your thing, but cleanliness is too? We’ve got you! You can transport your pristine wheels to the dirtiest destination of your dreams, have some serious fun, then whip out your HYDROSHOT™  Portable Pressure Washer (drop the hose into some water you may have prepared earlier), take aim and fire! Sins washed away and back into the clean transporter. The same applies for if you love the beach but hate bringing the sand home with you on the boogie boards, esky or thongs. Whatever, your adventure, the HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer has you covered.

4. Clearing Your Gutters

A HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer can be great for cleaning out your dirty, clogged rain gutters. Instead of moving a ladder from place to place as you scoop the muck out by hand, the HYDROSHOT™ can remove buildup from your gutters with just a blast of pressurized water. The lightweight, compact design makes it easy to take the up a ladder. Attach the WORX HYDROSHOT™ Drink Bottle Adaptor and a 2L bottle of water for a strategic, targeted approach.

5. Refreshing the Outdoor Furniture

All that time outside can really take its toll on our outdoor furniture. It can get pretty stained and dirty, making it appear the least desirable place to park a seat. Whether your outdoor aesthetic is vinyl, wood, wicker, or pink flamingo, the HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer is up to the task. If you managed to score your outdoor set from hard rubbish, be sure to consider the HYDROSHOT™ Fixed Brush attachment, for an extra scrub and peace of mind.

6. Wheelie Bin Beautification

This one’s pretty straight forward, but another important task we are generally happy to ignore. That is, until you catch a whiff one warm day, or the kids want to play cricket and you can no longer live in sweet oblivion. If you give your bins a bit of regular attention, they’ll be match-fit every time.

7. Sprucing up a Wooden Deck or Fencing

Ok, so this isn’t totally unexpected, but when you think about the last time you actually did the deed, it might be. With the variability of outdoor conditions, it doesn’t take long for a wooden deck to start looking worn and old. The wood can get stained, and things like mold and mildew can build up quickly. With the HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer, you can make short work of cutting through this muck and grime to get your deck and fence looking good as new.

Make cleaning a breeze with the HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer – GET YOURS today!

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