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Top 5 Tips & Hacks to keep your home cool this Summer

It’s December in Melbourne, and to be honest, I assumed I would have employed a few of these tips already. Instead, I am rugged up in a jumper and anticipating a dash to the washing line before the rain strikes. Still, I know that heat is coming and when it does, I’ll be in my brick rental, wishing for jumper weather and extra layers again.

Last year was my first summer in a 1920’s rental, and like millions of other Aussie’s, adding insulation, air-conditioning, or planting trees to shade their home isn’t an option. In my quest for cool, I found a few renter-friendly tips to keep you and yours chill this Summer too.

Tip 1: Fill the Gaps

Before the real summer heat is upon us, it is worthwhile checking for any gaps around your doors or windows where some sneaky heat might seep in. Have a look and listen for whistles or rattles and feel for any air that might be pushing through. 

Sustainability Victoria has some tips to help find and seal the gaps to ensure your pad is primed for a cool Summer.

Tip 2: Curtain Call

The most common tip to mitigate unwanted heat in your home is to reduce the penetration through your glass windows and doors. Thermal Block out curtains are designed specifically for better insulation and help reduce your electricity bills, but most window coverings would assist during peak temperatures. I do have some family friends who have sworn by a cold, damp sheet in front of an open window once the temp is cooler outside than in. I must note that was in the 1970’s though.

Tip 3: Check your bulbs

Something we may forget when moving from colder to warmer months, are our lightbulbs. Although incandescent bulbs aren’t as common these days, there very well could be some stragglers lurking in a lamp or ceiling near you, radiating extra warmth. No time like the present to double check and make the swap to an energy-efficient alternative. Better yet, check out the cordless WORX 20V 4-in-1 LED Light that operates as a torch, 360 lantern, desk lamp (with 2 settings), and an emergency light. Lighting for EVERY mood.

Tip 4: Set you ceiling fan to Summer rotation

Something I was previously oblivious to; was the importance of which way a ceiling fan should rotate. I honestly thought “rotating” was the only thing that mattered. It turns out, a counterclockwise direction is essential to push air straight down and create that cooling effect we crave. A clockwise direction will simply redistribute trapped hot air upwards. So check your fans!

Tip 5: A Fan’s fan

The trusty fan is thought of as a necessity during Summer, especially when air con isn’t an option. There are some pretty genius hacks circulating online and they don’t involve the most expensive fans on the market. The most popular hack involves a shallow bowl of ice, or a frozen bottle of ice water placed between you and your fan. Instant AC!

If you are in need of a new fan, the WORX 20V AC/DC (Corded/Cordless) Jobsite Fan is the perfect sidekick. Indoors or out, this cordless gem is the coolest companion since the Fonz. With multiple hanging options, 360-degree swivel range and its 20V cordless convenience, this bad boy can cool you down ANYWHERE. 

So, there you have it, a few tips to help keep your home a little cooler and you from sweltering. We would love to hear your feedback and tips of your own if you would like to share with us.

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