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Top 3 Tips to Stay Cool while Camping

Staying cool while camping during the hot Aussie weather is more than just good old fashioned water play.

Whether in another State or your own backyard, camping under the stars can be a most welcome escape from the everyday life. The experience is a lot more appealing than when Ovalteenies and a Walkman were considered lavish accompaniments. Nowadays “camping” may include luxury linen, a wood-fired hot tub, and a tent bigger than most apartments.

Wherever the destination and whatever your style, camping is usually about connecting with nature and surviving the elements, in comfort. The level of comfort depends on you and your travel buddies’ personal preferences. The common cause of discomfort amongst most campers is the weather and during the Aussie Summer, that spells heat.

Below are the top 3 tips to start you off on the cooler side of camp life.

Tip 1: Location, Location, Location

If you are planning to hit the road and pitch a tent or swag during Summer, the hottest cool tip is to set up away from direct sunlight. Seems pretty obvious but depending on the time of day when you arrive, it may not be. Word is the western side of a tree line is the best to rest and avoid having the sun cook you at first light. If you don’t have the tree line option, or know which side is west, try to use your vehicle for a bit of shade.

Sneaky Side Tip #1: A cordless blower is a quick and convenient way to clear unwanted debris from your site. The WORX 20V Cordless Workshop Blower is an ideal camping companion as it doesn’t take up precious space and it can also be used to help stoke a campfire!

Tip 2: Delay your tent set up

If the weather is particularly hot, it is advised to hold off on erecting your tent or swag until dusk. You may be tempted to set up shop right away and avoid an overtired evening build, but if the temperature is climbing during the day, the heat will only get trapped and increase in your tent.

Sneaky Side Tip #2: Get yourself an inflator that also has an LED light. That way, you can quickly pump up your mattress (or any other fun holiday inflatables) and use the light for ambience while setting up your tent. The WORX 20V 4-in-1 Inflator is a handy option as it’ll also inflate your car tyres or signal for help (using the SOS mode) if you don’t know how to D.I.Y. 

Tip 3: What’s the time? It’s time to get Chill!

These days there are some FANtastic options to keep you cool while camping. If you follow the above tips, you’ll be in great stead to achieve this but if it is sweltering, you may need back up. The cordless portability and power of the WORX 20V AC/DC Fan will be a huge advantage with its 2 speeds, 360 swivel range and the fact you can enjoy it absolutely ANYWHERE! If you have on site power, the supplied 240V AC adaptor plug, will keep you cool AND charge your 20V POWERSHARE™ Battery at the same time.

Sneaky Side Tip #3: Place a cold, wet tea towel between you and the fan to create a mini-AC.

Whether you are a long-time camper or new to the game, most people can agree that keeping “comfortable” is the key to a happy camper. The above tips should assist but if the Aussie temps are set to scorch, don’t forget to put health and safety first. No one wants to suffer heat stroke or dehydration while away from their surrounds, or anywhere for that matter.

There’s no shame in trading the great outdoors for what’s outside your backdoor if your trip coincides with an Aussie heatwave.

Stay safe and Happy Holidaying WORXmates! 

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