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WORX NITRO 40V (2 x 20V) Brushless LEAFJET Blower Kit with 5Ah PRO POWERSHARE™ Batteries & 4A Dual Charger – WG585E.B

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WORX introduces a true revolution in outdoor clean-up – petrol-like power in a small, lightweight compact machine. The new WORX WG585E 40V (2 x 20V) Brushless LEAFJET blower, with its high-efficiency brushless motor and Air Amplifier ™ technology, produces comparable blowing performance as petrol machines at less than half the weight.

It features brushless motor technology which delivers 50% longer runtime, 25% more power and 10X longer motor lifetime, as well as a DUAL-SELECT option; you can boost the air volume or speed, depending on the task. Different jobs require different tactics. With the Dual-Select switch, you can make your airstream faster or wider.

WORX Australia 20V POWERSHARE™ batteries are interchangeable with ALL other WORX Australia 20V & 40V tools across our D.I.Y, Garden, Hobby, Lifestyle & NITRO cordless tool ranges.

Includes 2 x WORX WA3570 5.0Ah PRO MAX Lithium-ion Battery, with Battery Indicator & WORX 20V MAX POWERSHARE™ 4A Dual Port Fast Battery Charger.

If you already have WORX POWERSHARE™ Batteries & a Charger, please CLICK HERE to view our Blower SKIN (Tool Only).


This product is part of the WORX NITRO range featuring innovative technologies, brushless motors and advanced features for improved performance, increased run times, and longevity of product life.

NITRO – The power to outperform

  • Brushless motor technology delivers 50% Longer uptime, 25% more power and 10 times longer lifetime than brushed motors.
  • WORX innovational 40V LeafJet is a powerhouse with compact and lightweight design that brings a whole new level to garden blowers.
  • Air amplifier technology provides more air volume by drawing air in from outside of the tube, so blowing away wet leaves will be a breeze.
  • The brushless motor provides the cordless blower with petrol-like power, extended run time and a longer battery life.
  • The blower features a dual working mode select between high-volume or high-speed simply with a nozzle release button.
  • Variable speed control with turbo mode for easy adjustment between more runtime or power boosting.
  • Features onboard battery power indicator for checking remaining charge of batteries during use.
  • Includes: 2x 5Ah PRO POWERSHARE Batteries and a Dual Port Charger to ensure maximum run-time
  • Powered by the WORX POWERSHARE™ platform. The 20V batteries are interchangeable with all cordless WORX POWERSHARE DIY, Power Garden, Hobby & Lifestyle products.


If you already have WORX POWERSHARE™ Batteries & a Charger, please CLICK HERE to view our Blower SKIN (Tool Only).

Technical Specifications & Manual

  • Voltage: 40V (2 x 20V)
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Maximum air volume: 1053 m3/h (volume mode)
  • Maximum air velocity: 266 km/h (speed mode)
  • Machine weight (tool only): 1.5 kg


Download Manual

What’s in the box

  • 1 x WORX 40V (2 x 20V) Brushless LEAFJET Blower Skin
  • 2 x WORX WA3570 5.0Ah MAX Lithium-ion Battery with Battery Indicator
  • 1 X WORX WA3883 20V MAX POWERSHARE™ 4A Dual Port Fast Battery Charger.



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