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20V MakerX™ 49Pce Kit with Rotary Tool, Air Brush, Soldering Iron, Heat Gun, Battery, Charger, Hub & Accessories – WX995

Kit includes: WX739.9 Rotary Tool, WX742.9 Air Brush, WX743.9 Heat Gun, WX744.9 Wood & Metal crafter, 1 x Adapter, 1 x 20V 2.0Ah Battery, 1 x Maker X Hub & Carry Case.

This is a 20V POWERSHARE™ + MAKERX™ KIT. It includes 1x 20V WORX Australia POWERSHARE Battery and Charger + 1x MAKERX Control Hub to get you WORX-ing from the get go! If you already have a Battery, Charger & Hub; you know how it WORX! Full access to all WORX SKIN/ TOOLS ONLY.
POWERED BY POWERSHARE™: WORX Australia 20V POWERSHARE™ Batteries electrify both 20V & 40V cordless tools across our D.I.Y, Garden, LANDROID Robots, Lifestyle and NITRO Power Tool Ranges. No need to splash the cash for a whole new set of batteries and chargers when you need a 40V tool to tackle tougher tasks. SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER.

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UNLEASH YOUR MAKING: MakerX™ is a new system of portable battery driven precision tools, designed to give free rein to your creativity. Make, craft, tinker or repair without restriction – anytime and anywhere.

The perfect kit to start you on your MakerX™ journey! A versatile system of tools that can be used by anyone.

All MakerX™ tools are specially designed to be compact, so they’re more comfortable to hold for long stretches, and are easier to maneuver.

Kit includes: WX739.9 Rotary Tool, WX742.9 Air Brush, WX743.9 Heat Gun, WX744.9 Wood & Metal Crafting Soldering Iron, 1 x 20V POWERSHARE™ 2.0Ah Battery, 1 x 20V POWERSHARE™ 2A Charger, 1 x MakerX™ Hub, Accessories & Carry Case

The POWERSHARE™ Platform allows you to connect with ALL other WORX 20V/40V tools across our Power, Garden, Hobby & Lifestyle cordless tool ranges.

Simply shop SKIN’S (TOOL ONLY) across all categories, to add to your collection.

See some of our tools from the MAKERX™ range below:

Go Anywhere:

Work with it anywhere – outside, in the basement, in the attic – thanks to the 20V POWERSHARE Battery.

Do Everything:

Airbrush, Angle Grinder, Heat Gun, Glue Gun, Rotary Tool, Rotary Cutter and Soldering Iron – MakerX™ sets no limits to your creativity.

Work with Ease:

The tools fit perfectly in your hand due to the very slim, user-friendly design.

Share POWER:

MakerX™ is driven by a POWERSHARE™ battery that is compatible with all WORX 20V DIY, outdoor and lifestyle products.


  • Kit includes: WX739.9 Rotary Tool, WX742.9 Air Brush, WX743.9 Heat Gun, WX744.9 Wood & Metal crafter, 1 x  20V 2A Charger, 1 x 20V 2.0Ah Battery, 1 x MakerX™ Hub & Carry Case

WX739.9 Rotary Tool:
Compact brushless motor offers a longer runtime and more power over non-brushless motors.
Variable speed control with up to 35,000 RPM offers precise control for a wide array of crafting projects.
Universal fit system accepts other brands of rotary tool bit accessories.
Micro-ergonomic design enhances overall user control and comfort while reducing fatigue.

WX742.9 Air Brush:
Easy to control dual function switch regulates both the airflow and paint volume of the portable paint sprayer with a single trigger.
Precision nozzle for small and detailed painting applications.
Micro-ergonomic design enhances overall user control of the air brush for various applications.

WX743.9 Heat Gun:
Battery powered heat gun continuously blows hot air at 260° C.
Mini heat gun features precision nozzle to control location and direction of heat.
Built-in stand holds hot tip of mini heat gun away from surfaces.

WX744.9 Wood & Metal Crafter Soldering Iron:
Whether in wood-burning or soldering and metal working modes, this tool quickly reaches target heat in just 30 seconds.
Micro-ergonomic design enhances overall user control and comfort while working with both the wood-burning pen and soldering tool.
Interchangeable tips are easy to change for different applications on wood and metal.

Use the MakerX™ hub to connect to any 20V POWERSHARE™ battery to power the MakerX™ series of go-anywhere creative tools.

Technical Specifications & Manual

  • Barcode: 6943475886783
  • Voltage: 20V MAX
  • Battery capacity: 2.0Ah (1pc battery)

WX739.9 Rotary Tool:

  • Motor type: Brushless
  • Chuck size: 3.2mm
  • No-load speed: 5000-35000rpm
  • Machine weight : 0.13Kg

WX742.9 Air Brush

  • Motor type: Brushed
  • Pressure value: 14-18 PSI (0.10〜0.12Mpa)
  • Nozzle size: 0.4mm
  • Machine weight 0.3 Kg

How to clean the airbrush

WX743.9 Heat Gun:

  • Power input: 200W
  • Max temperature: 260°C
  • Machine weight: 0.21 Kg

WX744.9 Wood & Metal crafter:

  • Motor type: Brushless
  • Power input: 40W
  • Max temperature: 200°C – 480°C
  • Machine weight: 0.62Kg


Download Battery Manual

Download Charger Manual

Download WX739.9 Manual

Download WX742.9 Manual

Download WX743.9 Manual

Download WX741.9 Manual

What’s in the box

  • 1 x WX739.9 Rotary Tool Skin
  • 1 x WX742.9 Air Brush Gun Skin
  • 1 x WX743.9 Heat Gun Skin
  • 1 x WX744.9 Wood & Metal crafter Skin
  • 1 x 20V WORX 3551 2.0Ah Battery
  • 1 x MakerX™ Hub
  • 1 x WORX 20V WA3880 2A Charger
  • 1 x Carry Case



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