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Pressure Cleaning

Hydroshot – flexibility is everything!

The WORX range of Hydroshot high pressure washers are unique in their functionality. With the Hydroshot Pressure Washer, you can work anywhere, even without a fixed water or electricity connection! The Hydroshot is powered by one of our PowerShare™ batteries and pulls water from any source. It is also ideal for cleaning on the go, for example, for cleaning mountain bikes, boats, or camping equipment.

What can the Hydroshot Pressure Washer do?

You can use the WORX Hydroshot Pressure Washer wherever you need it. With the Hydroshot you enjoy a high degree of freedom that you do not get from conventional high-pressure cleaners! It does not require a fixed power connection or water connection – the Hydroshot simply works anywhere.

Ideal for traveling

It doesn’t matter if you want to clean your camping gear before packing, or if you don’t want to spread the dirt from your mountain bike in your car. Clean your boat easily while you are at the beach or lake, using the water from the sea, because the Hydroshot works with any water source. The application possibilities are extensive like no other conventional model. It couldn’t be more flexible!