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With leaf blowers, the selection is generally very large, which ultimately causes many to choose their devices by price or power. Often, the actual scope is ignored altogether, which can certainly lead to disappointment for the buyer, since the selected device for the desired use is not suitable. In addition to the equipment function, size and weight also play a significant role.

The new WORX WG543E.9 LeafJet is more than just another leaf blower. Thanks to its unique sonic turbine technology, it can build up much more power than conventional leaf blowers. It benefits from the fact that the brushless turbine motor is mounted further down – where the dirt is – and can therefore transfer the energy much more directly.

The WG543E.9 features High-volume mode; when you need to quickly clear large areas of leaves, the sonic turbine provides a high air volume and area performance at the touch of a button, and High-speed mode; when you want to get rid of heavy dirt with pinpoint accuracy you only need switch the sonic turbine to speed mode and remove wet leaves at an air speed of up to 266 km/h.