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Hedge Trimming 101: How to Get Your Shrubs Spring-Ready

Well-kept shrubs and hedges can do a lot to enhance your home landscape design. Neglecting them, however, will cause your home to look unkempt and may have a negative impact on the health of your plants. Many homeowners put off tasks like pruning and hedge trimming because they worry that they do not know how […]

7 Unexpected Uses for Your HYDROSHOT™ Pressure Washer

The HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer is an innovative cleaning power tool that provides unlimited mobility, and freedom for many of the smaller jobs that may be an overkill for a high-pressure cleaner. The SUPERPOWER of the 20V HYDROSHOT™ Portable Pressure Washer, is its ability to fly! I mean, it’s PORTABILITY! You can literally draw water […]

Top Tips for Cutting Your Grass with a Line Trimmer

Cutting grass with a lawn mower is easy. It’s built to cut evenly without the user needing any specific skill to get good results. However, there are areas of your lawn that may be inaccessible or unsafe to run the lawn mower over. This is where a line trimmer (aka grass trimmer / string trimmer […]