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Essential Power Tools for Beginners & DIY Projects

You can improve your home so much with DIY projects. But what are the essential power tools for DIY? These should make your life easier when tackling big projects or even little maintenance jobs like fixing a door or attaching some shelves. Using the correct tools around the home and garden (such as our best-selling Landroid robot mower) makes it more fun to get things done! Our guide to the best power tools for beginners, homeowners and long-term leasers, will get you on the right track.


Compact Circular Saw

This is one of the essential power tools for your home workshop. It’s great for cutting through various materials such as wood, metal, granite, tiles, bricks, etc. All you have to do is change the blade to suit the material. 

The compact circular saw is ideal for when you need to do quick and accurate cuts around the house, such as plunge cuts and rip cuts. Even if you are newbie to the DIY game, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! It’s one of the best power tools for home DIY. 


Nail Gun

Tired of sore thumbs and bent nails? The WORX Nitro Stapler/Nailer is one of the best power tools for beginners and home DIY enthusiasts. It’s suitable for use with both nails and staples. You can use it with many different materials, including carpeting, underlay, upholstery, plywood, hardboard, plastics, fencing, roofing, insulation, decorative moulding, craft work, and much more. You can set the mode to single nail or contact (bump fire – up to 80 nails or staples per minute). And it has a rubber bump pad to prevent marks on your work.

Cordless Drill

This is probably the tool you’ll use the most. It’s certainly one of the most popular power tools for home renovation projects. Our powerful cordless drill covers a wide range of drilling holes, fastening screws and hammer drilling applications. The best cordless drills have long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, allowing you to work all over the house and garden. 

If you are considering adding a cordless driver into the mix (because they generally go hand in hand), then check out our 2-in-1 Switchdriver. It is an innovative power tool that allows you to drill and then drive with a simple switch of the chuck.

DIY Hanging Propagation Station_Drill
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wx812-grinding pole

Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw has a blade that cuts back and forth in a straight line (as opposed to a circular saw). It’s one of the best power tools for home demolition and renovation projects because it requires minimal effort. It quickly cuts through plaster, wood, metal, PVC pipe, tile and nails. You just have to use the right blade. Because it’s battery-powered, it’s completely portable, which means you can easily use it on a ladder or even on the roof.

Reciprocating saws equipped with the appropriate blade can even be used for pruning overgrown trees and shrubs.


Brushless Angle Grinder

A brushless angle grinder is great for small to medium grinding and cutting jobs around the house. You can use it to remove rust and welding spatter, to sharpen tools and smooth out rough surfaces. Its brushless motor means more power and gives you a longer battery life. The WORX brushless Angle Grinder was designed with your safety in mind. An example is its electronic anti-kickback technology, which automatically shuts the tool down when a jam or snag is detected. This makes it great for beginners who could use an angle grinder to prepare surfaces for painting or restore old metal objects.

Orbital Sander

A cordless sander is a must have tool for every DIYer. An orbital sander is perhaps the most essential as it excels at delivering smooth, professional results through its circular sanding patterns. It’s perfect for big D.I.Y tasks like preparing walls for painting or refurbishing and upcycling furniture. 

An orbital sander isn’t typically used for detail work, so if you are tossing up between an orbital sander vs a detail sander, then the WORX SANDECK 5-in-1 Multi-Sander may just be the answer! It’s a Finishing Sander, Orbital Sander, Detail Sander, Finger Sander and Curved Area Sander in 1! A true MVP!


Oscillating Multi Tool

Out of all the essential power tools for DIY enthusiasts and even some professionals, the oscillating multi tool is the most versatile. It’s a saw, grinder, sander and scraper – combined into one handy tool. All you have to do is change the accessories. 

It is particularly useful for projects that require precision and maneuverability in confined or intricate spaces. Removing grout from between tiles, scraping up vinyl floor adhesive, making a plunge cut through plasterboard or cutting through a nail becomes light work with a Multi tool.  Once you use it on your home projects, it’ll quickly become a favourite!


Explore D.I.Y Power Tools at WORX Australia

You can get a lot of pleasure from DIY projects when they’re done right. With our innovative brushless motor technology and powerful lithium-ion batteries, we make it easy for you to select the best power tools for home DIY.

Browse our collection of DIY power tools and we’ll get you sorted!

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